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other partner organizations including nonprofits and businesses and women's organizations as well. i would like to thank my cosponsor, supervisors cohen and avalos and president chiu. i would like to move support for the amendment and for the amended resolution as well. >> supervisor mar is maybe amendment. is their second? >> supervisor farrell. we can take them without objection roll call. >> supervisor chiu: aye >> supervisor cohen: aye mke aye >> supervisor kim: aye >> supervisor mar: aye >> supervisor wiener: aye
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>> supervisor yee: aye >> supervisor avalos: aye >> president: the resolutions adopted as amended and if we could go back to the balance of the consent agenda, items 2-11. same house, same call. resolutions are adopted, ordinances passed. can you call item 12. >> (from agenda) >> president: supervisor kim? >> supervisor kim: we are coming to near and on discussion around the supplemental appropriation and i wanted to take a moment to fact my cosponsors, supervisors campos, mar and avalos, and also supervisors cohen and chiu for your
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support. this is a long-standing conversation that i've engaged with -- since july of last year. large cuts that have happened to the school district. since 2007-08 school year the school district has lost 146 million. last year alone cost from the state were 77 million. despite increasing revenue in the city coffers were pulled prop h trigger, which caused 17.8 million dollars to the school district as well. supplemental came out of my office in terms of the discussion on how we can better support the school district in the state and federal government has been unable to. given the crisis that has emerged of the data taking fourth in the summer juniors and sophomores, and seeing the data that almost half of those
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students are not on track to graduate, i felt that this was an appropriate and important way for our city to support the school district. i want to say again, i understand the debate that we have been engage again. i truly respect my colleagues that have been talking about finding other sources of funds for the school district. i do think that this is a good use of our state reserve funds. i think that when it is a question of our kids, about helping them graduate, for me it is never a question in this will always be a priority use of the funds. as we move forward i look forward to a continued dialogue with the mayor's office, the school district, about how we can continue to better support embedded partner with the school district. through this conversation it has been quite fruitful, looking at a lot of different avenues even if we are not able to completely
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appropriate it. this is the way i envision it. i look forward to working with many different partners. one of the issues that has come up this of course school district surplus property and how to generate revenue, some hoops that we have to go through about how surplus property can be allocated according to state law. i am looking forward to that conversation. in the long-term i'm happy that we have had a robust discussion in the chamber and with the mayor's office in terms of what that funding can look like and what that support means. >> supervisor avalos. >> supervisor avalos: i want to thank supervisor kim for bringing this up until forward. i support it in its entirety. i spoke last week at the inauguration of about how we have two san francisco's.
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one that is falling behind; and an economy that is growing. it we are looking at 40 percent of the juniors not ready to graduate in a years time, that is a serious problem that we need to address. i believe that these folks -- that is part of the generation that will not be successful in our local economy and we have to make sure that we are supporting san franciscans in this way, making sure people have the skills in the background to get jobs in the future and if we are not successful here we know that they will fall behind the cracks. it's really a no-brainer. we have a lot of wealth in the city. not everybody shares it equally and this is one way we can remedy that. colleagues i hope that you can support the supplemental. >> supervisor wiener.
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>> supervisor wiener: my position is the same as it was in december when we voted on this. i won't repeat all of those reasons. although the fiscal cliff catastrophe was avoided at least for the moment we still have significant risks at the state and federal level and i am not comfortable appropriating from our arguably inadequate state, federal general fund reserve. i would like to make a motion to divide the question. one, about the 1.1 million dollars about the public education enrichment fund and separately
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843 million dollars from the general fund's stays federal reserve. initially i wanted us to divide the file entirely to send two files to the mayor who indicated that he would sign it so that we could get the 1.1 million to the school district immediately. >> motion to divide is not debatable. will consider those two items. supervisor mar. >> i want to support the whole -- supplemental brought by supervisor kim. i want to speak to the accountability of the school district. another the former school board president, norman yee and others have successfully brought the school district to
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a stronger financial state. they have achieved a perfect score in the recent audit; never before has any governmental agency seen that. it's a good testament to the work that the former president of the school board jay kim and our colleague norman yee have done. also the sfusd action plan to presented the plan at the previous financial meeting showed that it was money wisely spent. hundreds of students in danger of not graduating. when the school district passed it edg requirements and 2009, the state budget cuts after that really jeopardize a lot of the great work done by the school district. hopefully with a better budget season we will be able to get back on track so that as many students as possible graduate. this is absolutely crucial that we support this.
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it's a crisis of horrible magnitude if we do not supported in many students will not get their diplomas. i am strongly supportive and i want to thank supervisor kim and many of the parents and school leaders as well. >> president: supervisor yee. >> i want to thank supervisor kim, avalos, campos mar. i wish you were here when it was introduced in the part of the robust discussion. as you know i just came from across the street, spending eight years of seeing cuts and devastation to the school district and the other schools
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in san francisco. although we knew about the cuts, our kids deserve the same as any kid california they should be able to graduate. the should be able to continue to go to any college in california if they wanted to. when we passed the program we were not aware that we were going to lose over 100 million dollars of funding and not be able to support our students through this. i wish to state could have given public schools more money but they haven't. and these kids that we are talking about are kids in seven cisco.
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coming over here from the school district i am supportive of this resolution i want to thank the authors of this resolution. thank you very much. >> supervisor chiu. >> supervisor chiu: thank you very much. supervisor wiener has already divided the question. i want to thank the many people who come to our office a continued to advocate for the funding. as i told them, my vote has not changed also. it is important to support the kids in terms of having opportunities for additional credentialing, and we can accomplish that the different funding mechanisms and i am supportive of releasing the 1.4 million dollars to the school district. it is important.
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in terms of the 800,000 i won't be supporting that piece of it. there are other funding sources that achieve the same goal of having the credentialing programs available at the school district but preserve flexibility for the city to weather the storm of any of the cuts that we might see that may impact our families, kids, that we may not be aware of at this moment. i want to thank all advocates for coming to speak to me about this issue. i appreciate it i will support the 1.4 million but not the 843,000. >> supervisor farrell. >> supervisor farrell: i will hold my vote from the last time around, support the 1.4 million dollars. this is a debate we have been having. we will lose about 30-40 million from the state.
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mayor lee already last week appropriated 7.2 million dollars out of the reserve for our own safety net so we are drawing that. i don't see the nexis from the state reserve. i have no problem spending in our kids education, to draw from our state reserve to put us further in the hole to me is the wrong approach. >> supervisor campos. >> supervisor campos i would like to begin by welcoming once again our newly elected colleagues, supervisors yee and breed. it is exciting when we take our own new board of supervisors,
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and i look forward to working with you. there are many votes that we cast in this chamber and in some respects it is only fitting that one of the first votes that this new board starting its new term takes is his vote. this is one of the most important issues that we will be dealing with in one of the most important vote that we will be taking as his term proceeds. supervisor kim, i want to thank you for your leadership but i want to piggyback about what supervisor avalos said, talking about in some respects two different cities. and what happens to some people in san francisco. we are a city of great wealth.
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we have because of a lot of different reasons we are fortunate enough that we have more resources in san francisco then many places throughout the state and throughout this country. but the reason why this vote is so important is that even though we as a board of supervisors do not have actual governance of the schools, what we have done in san francisco over the years because of the work of people like -- and gavin newsom and others is that we have recognize that where our state and federal government have fallen short in fulfilling their duties and obligations to properly funding public schools we a city government have stepped in and fill those gaps. the important point is not for us and giving the school district money that it is already entitled to.
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i'm glad that we will comply with what the law already requires in the intent of those measures were. the whole point of the supplemental is to recognize that we have a fundamental problem in our hands. business as usual is no longer acceptable. we have a city of great wealth; we have the highest performing urban school district in the entire state of california. one of the highest performing urban school districts in the entire country. and yet, for certain groups of kids the system is failing them. and in fact we know that for certain kids that you are talking about, latino kids, african-american kids, english language learner kids, they have a better shot at success in other school districts in the bay area than they do in the san francisco school district. we have to change that.
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this appropriation is about recognizing that while money is not the only answer, money is part of the answer. this is about closing the achievement gap which is one of the single most important challenges that we are facing as a city. that is why this vote is so important. and so i would once again - and i have a lot of respect for my colleagues and i understand the reasoning that has been reticulated - but the reason why i am against, by releasing money that the district is entitled to, we are not doing anything -- it would be a mistake for san
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francisco not to make this choice now. for everyday, every month that we delay making that additional expenditure the achievement gap with some students is going to grow wider and will become more expensive to close it. i hope that we support this item. and again i want to thank supervisor kim and the other cosponsors. and i look forward to working with our new colleagues. >> president: supervisor kim. >> supervisor kim: i'm glad that supervisor mar mentioned it. i want to congratulate san francisco unified school district for passing its annual financial audit % which it always does % but for the first time ever passing without any findings. it was reported in the examiner. the auditors themselves said they had never seen a government agency past
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without any findings. the fact that the school district is marking every "i" and crossing every "t" -- i want to thank the superintendents. it is the highest performing urban school district. the leadership and work of many dedicated teachers and educators in that agency, in an agency very committed to closing that achievement gap because despite of having the top performer school district we also have the widest achievement gap. only in the last year we have seen a steady decrease in the gap and for me the investment is going to further decrease the gap. i am sorry i not mention the members of the committee,
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advocates, members of the san francisco parent -- college track, booker t. washington, -a -for your many months of work on this issue. the budget is always a choice, a choice of priorities. this rises to the top in terms of how we spent our general fund dollars i know we don't. all agree with where the source of funds come from. we have a 15 million dollar estate reserve fund, and now we have a 74 million dollar revenue top of that because of the increase in the economy. for me the commitment to the community is that if we are helping companies grow in the city and helping them prosper, that funding will eventually come back down to the community,
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support the communities that needed the most. >> supervisor breed: i am excited to be here. thank you to all of my colleagues for being so welcoming. i'm having a hard time with this legislation. as a product public schools i remember years ago and now i'm not that old % i remember the decisions and bad decisions. i have watched over the years, working with many of the kids especially teens, the problems that continue to face. as executive director of the african-american art and culture complex, i have to pay for tutors and work with kids who were high school
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but who could not read and understand by the time they are in high school. i have yet to see a successful program that helps to address the issues that many of these teens face. i have a real concern with getting money -- (correction) giving money, when it is not clear how the money will be used. i came to the office and made it clear that children will be a number one priority. in this case, i think that would supervisor kim is doing with legislation in this way is a great step, but i have seen time and time again a lot of waste. services don't necessarily reach these children. we have kids who are continuously not graduating. i still don't see a real plan from school district as to how they are going
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to actually serve this population, what's being cut, what's been changed, what's being moved. it's just not completely clear to me. i am coming in this is been on the table for some time now % i have gotten phone calls from a number of people, a lot of different explanations. when i look at the legislation, i think it is clear that it is appropriate for us to give excuse me for a second % the 1 point - where are we? i apologize. i lost my place. the amount we are entitled to give to the school district. i have real can sermons about being supportive of providing 843,000 in state reserves until i know specifically
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where this money is going the accountability, and i don't want to micro manage the school district but i want to see a more comprehensive plan as to how they plan to use these funds. i would like to see the school district take the leadership and provide an overall plan that this is how we will tackle this problem, these are the kids that we will target; these are the organizations that will help us get to the point that these get for graduate. i don't see that plan. 843,000 in a 7 billion dollar budget seems like a drop in the bucket. the reality is that i'm not seeing results in my community for these kids. unfortunately it makes it very challenging for me as a supervisor to say that just because this is for the kids i am willing to support this legislation. i am prepared to be supportive
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if amended which i don't know if it's going to be amended to provide the school district with the amount that they are definitely entitled to and without a real plan, a comprehensive plan i cannot be supportive of 843,000 in state reserves until that time. >> any further discussion? two votes on this is supervisor wiener has asked us to do. 843,000 and the second vote on the remainder. roll call. >> supervisor breed: no. >> supervisor campos: no president: aye. >> supervisor farrell: no >> supervisor kim:
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aye >> supervisor mar: aye >> supervisor wiener: no >> supervisor yee: aye 7 ayes, 4 no's. that portion of the ordinance is passed. the balance. >> supervisor breed: aye. >> supervisor campos: aye >> supervisor chiu: aye >> president: aye >> supervisor cohen: aye >> supervisor farrell: aye >> supervisor kim: aye >> supervisor wiener: >> supervisor yee: aye >> supervisor avalos: aye 11 ayes. >> that portion of the ordinance is also passed. item 13. the resolution of holding the department of public works
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recommendation. roll call. >> supervisor breed: aye >> supervisor campos: aye >> president: aye >> supervisor chiu: aye >> supervisor cohen: aye >> supervisor farrell: aye >> supervisor kim: aye >> supervisor mar: aye >> supervisor wiener: aye >> supervisor yee: aye >> supervisor avalos: aye >> 11 ayes. resolution is adopted. >> item 14.
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>> president: this ordinance is passed on the first reading. next item. >> 15. >> this ordinance is passed first read. next item. >> item 16. (agenda) >> supervisor chiu. >> supervisor chiu: this item came before the finance committee last week and had a robust discussion centered around the fact that
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only 6 million would go into direct subsidies. we have a questions about the rest whether it was overhead. in any grant or you have 13 million in only 6 million reaches the beneficiary seems like a low percentage. we had questions about that. since that time the department of the environment sent additional documentation where they have broken out what additional work they do above and beyond the 6 billion dollars in direct subsidy. they show that about 1.4 goes in the benchmarking and outreach, scheduling visits, site surveys, following up with contractors. at this point in comfortable with supporting this item. i wanted to share with the board some of the conversation that has happened and it is a good item to look for in any grant,

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